La Dama ‘Due Meta’ Rosato (VE)


Winemaker Gabriel’s  beautiful, experimental Due Meta (meaning ‘two halves’) Rosato uses dried white Fernanda grapes (adopting the Amarone technique) and red Corvina and Rondinella grapes which are then left to ferment together delivering an unforgettably unique and perfumed wine



Bright soft red, it smells like exotic fruits, peach and raspberry, it has a good structure on the palate, crispy and with a medium finish.
Ideal as an aperitif, pasta, rice, white meat, fresh cheese and grilled fish and seafood.

This wine was born from a will to experment and look at Valpolicella from a new point of view. White and red grapes combined together give life to a wine that makes you think outside the box.

Grapes, wine-making, ageing: Corvina 25% and Rondinella 25%, Fernanda 50%. Towards the end of August, white Fernanda grapes are left to dry, while the red Corvina and Rondinella ripen. When the red grapes are ready, they are harvested and put in cement vats, without being pressed or left in carbonic maceration. The dried white grapes are then added to red grapes and, without any oxygen, the fermentation takes place inside the grape. After about 10 days, the grapes are gently pressed and the fermentation ends at low temperatures, without skin. It is then bottled in spring time.

Serving temperature: 12 – 14°c

No added sulfites


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